The Project for Upgrading and Developing Sagres Promontory is currently under way. This is an upgrading operation involving heritage and environmental aspects of this site, which aims to take advantage of its varied potential and transform it into a cultural landmark, and thereby make a significant contribution to expanding the range of cultural and leisure facilities in the Algarve region.

For this reason, certain facilities are temporarily closed, namely the Exhibition Centre and the Cafeteria.


Exhibition Project



The content of the Exhibition Centre is currently being installed; this will enable the site to be interpreted appropriately in its relationship to the Portuguese Discoveries and the figure of Prince Henry the Navigator.

In addition to the space for this long-term exhibition, a space for temporary exhibitions has also been conceived. The aim is to foster an attitude of discovery and enquiry in visitors, both through more historical content and through a contemporary perspective, thus providing new viewpoints on the Portuguese and their history, in particular since the Discoveries.


Venues Available

Sagres Fortress has a number of different venues, in particular a 50-seat auditorium, a multipurpose room, and outdoor spaces both within and outside the walls. These venues can be used by outside organisations for cultural or other activities, provided they are compatible with the nature of the monument, in accordance with the price list in force.



Sagres Promontory has an outdoor car park for cars and coaches.

We are keen to improve the visiting conditions for people with reduced mobility and considerable improvements have been and will continue to be made, in particular to access to the different buildings. Visitors can thus use an accessible walkway along the promontory – some two kilometres in length – which makes it easier for people to walk and use wheelchairs. A tactile model of Sagres Promontory has also been installed to help blind and partially sighted visitors to gain a better understanding of the site.