You have just arrived at the most southwesterly point in Europe, “where the land ends and the sea begins,” the Finis Terrae of antiquity, steeped in the ocean’s mysteries. This was the end of the world for the Greeks and Romans, after which navigation became particularly dangerous.

You are on the Sagres Promontory, the ancient Promunturium Sacrum, which has long been a mystical place for seafarers, and where there are references to a sanctuary dedicated to Hercules, one of the heroes of Greek mythology, who symbolised man’s struggle against the forces of nature, and Saturn, the god of time, son of the sky (Uranus) and the earth (Gaia). This is a place that is rich in historical relics and was awarded the European Heritage Label in 2015 by the European Union.

Come and discover its secrets and explore part of its unending beauty.

Discovering Sagres

Sagres – The Cape of The Dream

Eventos / Notícias

Fortress of Sagres / © DRCAlgarve / Photo: João Pedro Costa

Fortaleza de Sagres e Castelo de Aljezur integram Projeto “Google Street View Special Collects”

A Direção Regional de Cultura do Algarve participa no projeto “Google Street View Special Collects” que permite completar o mapa de Portugal já existente no serviço do Google Maps, com imagens panorâmicas de 360º dos lugares de maior interesse cultural e turístico do país.

Video Lucem – Cinema nas Igrejas do Algarve

Video Lucem – Cinema nas Igrejas do Algarve – apresentação de 2 filmes No próximo dia 22 de abril na Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Graça / Fortaleza de Sagres.

Filhos do Fogo de Deus – crónicas de uma história de opressão racial

Filhos do Fogo de Deus – crónicas de uma história de opressão racial Na Fortaleza de Sagres – dia 19 de abril, pelas 10:30h / performance