Vision, Mission, Objectives

The vision to be developed by the Algarve Regional Directorate of Culture for Sagres Promontory will reflect the uniqueness of this National Monument, which is due to its geographical importance and its historical context as part of the epic story of the Portuguese Discoveries. It will also enhance the provision of cultural, tourism and leisure facilities in the Algarve region, allowing its resources to be used more widely and thereby stimulating tourism.

The mission of Sagres Promontory is to provide its visitors with a unique experience, enabling them to view all the different aspects of the Monument within an educational framework of the history associated with Sagres Fortress. To fulfil this mission, Sagres Promontory will firstly act as a public service and ensure that activities and initiatives are implemented that focus on cultural, social, educational and pedagogical aspects; and secondly, it will be managed in a way that concentrates on carrying out promotional and operational activities focusing on its sustainability.

The main objective of the Algarve Regional Directorate of Culture for Sagres Promontory is to develop its educational role in giving its visitors a thorough understanding of the History of Portugal and the world.